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Step 1

Track Competitor's Daily & Monthly Spend

Easily figure out which ads your competitor's are spending the most on, so you can know which ads are crushing it for others.

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Rapidly Find Ads Under Any Keyword

Our "Turbo Ad Finder" allows you enter any keyword to pull back the top 10-50 videos advertising under that specific keyword.

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Model Proven, Profitable Ads In Any Market

Easily download videos and transcripts of YouTube Ads that are currently crushing it in your market, so you can get directly to profits.

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Stop Wasting Money "Testing" Ads

Copy & launch ads that have already been proven to work on your market, so you can start profiting right away.

Finally Start Profiting & Scaling With YouTube Ads

Our info-product business cut our CPA down by nearly 32% after figuring out which of our competitors ads were crushing, all thanks to Leopard Ads!

William C. - YouTube advertiser spending ~$8K per day

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